We offer regularly and one-time cleaning services. Reliable office cleaning, household cleaning and even snow removing. We offer professional services with emphasis on high quality work.

Get off care of cleaning forever


Professional cleaning

Our company is one of the Prague-based cleaning companies. Our employers are reliable and we always uphold agreed deadlines. We use effective and safe detergents and professional cleaning machines, used by well qualified staff. We can offer you all range of cleaning services – office cleaning, household cleaning, also offering snow removal, special cleaning services and hotel cleaning. We are also able to provide support staff for hotels and restaurants for one-time actions.


  • Cleanups: one-time and regular
  • Cleanups after reconstruction and/or accidents
  • Washing of windows and glass surfaces
  • Carpet and sofa cleaning
  • Garden maitenance
  • Painting
  • Detergent sale
  • Detergent sale
  • Special cleaning services
  • Support staff

Most used services are floor cleaning, window washing, vacuuming and carpet cleaning, dust cleaning, cleaning of sanitary facilities, other services offered include marble crystallization, polymer floor treatment and cleaning of air conditioning units.


We provide regular and one time cleaning. It’s also possible to combine them for complex and effective care of your apartment, house or office. This combination is a proven solution for both office and household cleaning. Regular daily office cleaning will not take more than few hours. In case of larger areas, we of course utilize more personell if necesary. General cleanup is always done on shortest term possible.

Normal house cleaning consists of dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, trash cleanup, polishing metal surfaces, sanitary facilities cleaning and other services, depending on wishes and demands of our customer. During general cleanup we provide wet and dry carpet cleaning, window washing, marble crystalization, covering floors with polymer, also furniture and air conditioning units cleaning.


  • Flexibilty – We clean up your home, office or industrial building of any size. We’re cleaning also hospitals, schools or restaurants exactly as you desire.
  • Proffesionality – We are using modern cleaning machines, regularly improve our workflows and our employees are carefully choosen and trained proffesionals
  • Quality – We use effective detergents that are harmless to health and always carefully control work quality of our employees.
  • Reliability – We fulfill our orders thoroughly and on time, so you will never come into a drity office, on bigger commisions we also cooperate with Complete Service cleaning company
  • Price – We holt our prices as low as possible, we also offer significant discounts for long time customers, we’re saving your time and money, when you use our services you don’t need to buy expensive detergents or waste your time with cleaning. We take care of it for you
  • Openness – We are here for you 24/7 thanks to our non-stop hotline. To our regular customers we adjust our services to ensure best possible results


Quality of cleaning services is ensured by assigned manager, who also provides exact fullfilment of your orders and deals with any remarks you might have. All our works are carefully scheduled before they begin. That way you’ll always know, what cleaning services are done at the time and how are your money being used. Best advertisment is satisfied customer, that’s why our cleaning company upholds high standart of our services and professionality of our employees,

Our prices are kept on lowest possible levels for you. Basic calculation can be found on pricelist subpage. Exact calculation of prices depenting on your requirements will be complied free of charge. All you need to do is contact us.