Carpets provide quality sound and heath isolation, are pleasant under your feet and can become interesting design feature. That is why they can be found in most households and offices. But their long fibers often absorb large quanitities of dust and dirt wich makes them very difficult to clean without special machines. That is the time for cleaning companies.

If you attempt carpet cleaning yourself, you may risk severe damage of the carpet, but certainly not propper and thorough cleaning. Only specialized cleaning companies and proffesional employees are able to reach required results thanks to necessary resources and technologies.

Carpet cleaning is therefore very complex and demanding, everthing needs to be well planed and tought trough. We need to choose suitable cleaning procedure and right detergents to not damage the carpet. That is why our technicians will need to come and take a look at the given carpet to your home first and then consult the details and procedure with you, taking carpets age and state into consideration.

Each carpet is different, as is the aproach of our cleaning company very invidual. We manage to treat all kinds and types of carpets, renewing their faded beauty and prolonging their usefulness. It will also lower the amout of dust in the air, making your room more comfortable, you need to understand that fibers of your carpet are a safehouse for many types of allergens and only professional carpet cleaning is reliable way of getting rid of them.

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