We offer not only regular cleanups, we can also handle multiple one time jobs. That way we’re saving your time wich you’d need to spend doing such cleaning. Our affordable services can be used by companies as well as households, whenever you need to get rid of conerns about cleaning.

Do you need your oficce or apartmet cleaned carefully, quickly and well? We are here for you. It’s up to you wich of our cleaning services will you employ. We can focus on specific areas or perform complex cleaning of entire propriety.


  • ACU cleaning
  • Furniture and carpet cleaning
  • Marble crystalization
  • Polymer floor treatment
  • Mechanized cleaning and polishing of floors
  • Disinfestation


  • ACU cleaning
  • Furniture and carpet cleaning
  • Marble crystalization
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Wipe dust from different locations
  • Removal of waste

The joy of the finished renovation or construction work you can often be spoiled by the need to carry out cleaning of the remaining material, debris and waste, the necessity to get rid of the whole household dust and dirt, which are left after such works. Take advantage of our services, throw these worries and just enjoy your beautiful new home or office.

  • We complete our work quickly and efficiently thanks to modern machines and best detergents. A one-time cleaning is done in record time and with great results.
  • As with all our services, the quality of cleaning continuously controlled to match your expectations and our standards.

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