Cleaning of offices and administrative buildings

Cleaning of offices

Do you spent lots of unnecessary time doing office cleaning, that you’d rather spent doing productive work? We can provide regular or general cleanup of bussines premises for you. We take care not only for workplaces and meeting areas, but also stairwells, sanitary facilities and receptions. We can also maintain outdoor areas or clean industrial buildings and and production facility.

We provide cleaning services for smaller and medium companies, but also largest corporations, who have very high standarts of cleanness

We secure:

  • Wiping of computers, furniture and other equipment
  • Cleaning of windows and sills
  • Metal surfaces polishing
  • Wet and dry floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of stairs and elevators
  • Refilling of toiletries
  • garbage colletion
  • ACU cleaning
  • marble floor polishing


Well maintained and cleaned areas are representative and will help with good impression for your clients or bussines partners, help improve work efficiency and simply look much better.

To clean your bussines premises yourself requires finding new, reliable employees, and providing them with work enviroment, detergents, for bigger areas you’d also need at least basic cleaning machines. This whole process is unnecessary administraive burden and investment.

These are only few reasons why you should put cleaning of your offices into our hands. We have reliable employess and proffesional equipment, so we can guarantee you that cleaning will be done thoroughly, on time and exactly by your demands


  • We offer proffesional approach and quality cleaning services
  • We won’t interfere with you bussines. Cleaning of office and administrative areas is done in late afternoon or evening
  • Bussines premises cleaning is carefully scheduled, so you’ll always find everything you need in the morning.

How to order office cleaning

Did we convince you that we are the right ones for through cleaning of your offices? Ask for more information about our work. We will gladly answer any questions.